C-PACE Expansion: Live in Philadelphia

The C-PACE Program Guidelines have been updated to reflect the C-PACE expansion enabled by Act 43 of 2022. Applications are now being accepted for multifamily properties with 5 or more units and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and resiliency projects.

The Philadelphia Energy Authority, Philadelphia’s C-PACE Program Administrator, in partnership with the Sustainable Energy Fund, conducted an extensive stakeholder engagement process to draft the revised guidelines. A draft Addendum was issued for public comment on August 25, 2022 for a two-week period. The final Addendum to the Philadelphia C-PACE Program Guidelines is now available for download in the Program Resources page of the website. 

In addition to the Program Guidelines and Addendum update, the Pre-Application, Final Application and Statement of Levy and Lien have also been revised.

A summary of changes includes:

  • Multifamily properties to be treated the same as other property types
  • Guidelines for submission of IAQ and Resiliency projects now available (Addendum starts on Page 70 of the September 2022 Program Guidelines)
  • Appendix M – Disclosures and Recommendations form added to Final Application Requirements 
  • Brief discussion between Property Owner and Program Administrator required prior to submission of final application
  • Section 4.3.1 energy survey requirements updated
  • Statement of Levy and Lien modified 
  • C-PACE Assessment no longer requires Program Administrator or Property Owner consent to assign and “Exhibit E” language of Statement of Levy and Lien modified

Please download the latest versions of all application materials, including the Statement of Levy Lien, prior to submitting information to PEA. Here again is the link to Program Resources. Word versions of documents are available for those with approved Pre-Applications. Questions can be directed to cpace@philaenergy.org