Capital Providers

Capital Providers provide funding for the installation of building improvements that can reduce energy or water consumption, increase resiliency or IAQ and increase property value. They can bring valuable experience to Property Owners looking to do a new C-PACE project.

How It Works

After registering to be a C-PACE Capital Provider in Pennsylvania, Capital Providers work with Property Owners to establish the C-PACE Financing Agreement and obtain consent from all mortgage and lien holders.

  1. Register as a Capital Provider

    Firms interested in participating as a C-PACE Capital Provider in Philadelphia must register as a statewide C-PACE Capital Provider through the Sustainable Energy Fund. A list of currently registered capital providers is available on the Capital Providers List page.

  2. Work with Property Owner on C-PACE Project

    Capital Providers can bring experience from previous C-PACE deals to Philadelphia property owners. In particular, Capital Providers can help Property Owners structure a financing agreement appropriate for their projects, obtain consent from existing mortgage holders, and compile Final Application documents.

  3. Execute C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement

    After receiving Final Application approval, the Property Owner, C-PACE Capital Provider, City of Philadelphia, and PEA execute the C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement, which memorializes for the public record that there is a C-PACE Special Assessment on the Property Owner’s real property, among other terms.

  4. Financial Close

    Financing will close and funds will be made available for the C-PACE Project on or after the C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement has been fully executed. Payments to the Property Owner or contractor(s), subject to milestone distributions, will be payable as documented in the C-PACE Financing Agreement.

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