Property Owners

Commercial property owners can use C-PACE financing to make substantial building improvements related to energy efficiency, water conservation, renewable energy, IAQ and resiliency. Many C-PACE projects create measurable cost savings, often exceeding the annual repayment amount, which means property owners can enjoy their clean energy upgrades while increasing cash flow.

How It Works

To use C-PACE, a Property Owner must follow these steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility

    In Philadelphia, C-PACE financing is available for commercial properties in good standing. The minimum C-PACE project size is $100,000.

    Learn more on the Eligibility page.

  2. Complete the Pre-Application

    Submit the Pre-Application to PEA, which can be found on the Program Resources page. Pre-Application review is typically completed within five (5) business days of receipt.

  3. Develop Project

    Following PEA’s approval of the Pre-Application, Property Owners develop their C-PACE project. Key project development steps include obtaining a project survey, negotiating a financing agreement with a C-PACE Capital Provider, and securing consent from all mortgage and lien holders.

  4. Submit Final Application

    When the development work for the C-PACE project is substantially complete, Property Owners should submit the Final Application (which can be found on the Program Resources page) and its supporting documents. Final Application review will typically be completed within fifteen (15) business days of receipt.

  5. Execute C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement

    After PEA approves the Final Application, the Property Owner, C-PACE Capital Provider, City of Philadelphia and PEA will execute the C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement, which memorializes the C-PACE Special Assessment for the public record.

  6. Close Financing & Execute Project

    Financing will close and funds will be made available for the C-PACE project on or after the date on which the C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement is recorded. Once financing has closed, the Property Owner will have the funds to move forward with project implementation.

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What is C-PACE?

C-PACE is a financing structure that allows commercial property owners to borrow money for energy and water efficiency, IAQ, and resiliency improvements, or renewable energy installations, via a special assessment similar to a property tax assessment.

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