Invoicing & Fees


The C-PACE Special Assessment invoicing and payment schedule will follow the City of Philadelphia’s property tax assessment schedule each year as shown below. PEA will invoice the Property Owners and manage enforcement of any delinquent payments. PEA has engaged a Paying Agent to collect payments from Property Owners and remit the funds to Capital Providers.

November 1

Deadline to sign C-PACE Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement for new C-PACE project to be included in next invoicing cycle


PEA invoices Property Owners for annual C-PACE Special Assessment payments

March 31

C-PACE Special Assessment payments due to Paying Agent; Paying Agent remits funds to Capital Providers within 15 business days

April 1

Unpaid invoices are considered past due and subject to a 1.5% penalty per month; PEA pursues collection


PEA places lien on properties for prior year’s unpaid delinquent C-PACE Special Assessment payments


To participate in the C-PACE Program, Property Owners must agree to pay various administrative and financing fees.

One-Time Program Fee

This one-time fee is due to PEA at financial close. Depending on the amount borrowed, the project will either be charged a flat fee or a percentage of the C-PACE financing amount.

C-PACE financing amounts:
From:To:Fee StructurePercentage/Flat Fee
$2,000,001$2,222,222Flat Fee$25,000
$4,000,001$4,500,000Flat Fee$45,000
$6,000,001$8,000,000Flat Fee$60,000
$10,000,001$15,000,000Flat Fee$75,000
$15,000,001and greaterPercentage0.500%

Annual Servicing Fee

$750 payable to PEA per project per year.

City of Philadelphia Fees

A recordation fee of $238.50 plus a $3.25 submittal fee is due at financial close to record the Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement with the Philadelphia Department of Records. Other fees from the City are for the satisfaction of the loan ($206.50) and placement of a lien ($115.69). Please see Program Guidelines for full details (accessible on the Program Resources page).

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