C-PACE is a financing tool Property Owners can use to access long-term funding for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, indoor air quality and resiliency projects.

Benefits of C-PACE

  1. Limited upfront cash needed for new projects

    C-PACE can cover 100% of eligible hard and soft costs.

  2. Displaces expensive mezzanine debt and equity

    Interest rates are generally low.

  3. Addresses split incentive issue in tenant-occupied buildings

    Under certain leases, building owners can pass through repayment obligation to tenants.

  4. Long-term repayment can match project payback period

    Projects can have repayment terms of up to 30 years.

  5. Many projects produce positive net operating income

    Energy and water savings often exceed the annual C-PACE repayment amount.

  6. Repayment obligation is tied to the property, not the borrower

    If sale of the property occurs, C-PACE obligation transfers with the sale.

Who’s Eligible?

C-PACE financing is available to commercial and industrial properties in Philadelphia. These include offices, multifamily properties of 5+ units, retail stores, nursing homes, hospitality, agricultural sites, warehouses, vacant land, community centers, hospitals, theaters, private schools, and religious facilities, among others.

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