Application Materials

Pre-Application (Sept 2022)

Final Application (November 2023)

Statement of Levy and Lien (November 2023)

Enabling Legislation

Philadelphia C-PACE Ordinance: Amended 2022

PA Act 43 of 2022, C-PACE Expansion

Philadelphia C-PACE Ordinance

Pennsylvania C-PACE Statute

Legal Documents

Notice of Contractual Assessment Form

Lien Enforcement Memo

Intergovernmental C-PACE Agreement

Program Guidelines

C-PACE Program Guidelines (September 2023)

Comparison of Program Guidelines (September 2023)

Program Materials

Phila C-PACE Program Overview Slide Deck

Getting Started with C-PACE

Completion Certificate

Qualified Engineering Professionals Database

Qualified Engineering Professionals Self-Certification Form

Application Process PPT (March 2020)

Quarterly Newsletters

C-PACE Newsletter Q4 2023

C-PACE Newsletter Q3 2023

C-PACE Newsletter Q2 2023

C-PACE Newsletter Q1 2023

C-PACE Newsletter Q4 2022

C-PACE Newsletter Q3 2022

C-PACE Newsletter Q2 2022

C-PACE Newsletter Q1 2022

Third-Party Resources

PACENation Mortgage Lenders Guide to C-PACE (November 2022)

C-PACE Market Data from PACE Nation (2019)


Accessible Financing for Affordable Housing – hosted by Philadelphia Green Capital Corp & Inclusive Prosperity Capital

Bisnow Webinar – Everything You Want to Know About PACE Financing, February 21, 2023

Solid introduction to C-PACE – not PA specific

Commercial Sustainability Webinar November 8, 2022:

Utilizing C-PACE Financing to Reduce Costs and Accomplish Carbon Neutrality Goals

AIA PA Webinar Sept 13, 2022

Conversations for the Architect: Adding Value for Clients Through CPACE

State of the Commercial Solar Market in Philadelphia (August 2021)

C-PACE Project Financing: A Case Study with Mosaic Development Partners (July 2021)

Access Passcode: C-PACE#7.13.2021

C-PACE for Bankers (July 2021)

C-PACE Program Review & Updates (GPAEE January 2021)

Access Passcode: 42bPan!V

Energy Efficiency and COVID-19 Safety Measures: Can You Have Both? Webinar (November 2020)

C-PACE Case Study on First Solar Project in Pennsylvania Webinar (October 2020)

Philly’s “Building Tune-up” Mandate – Using C-PACE to Achieve Compliance Webinar (November 2020)

CDFA-Bricker PACE Webinar Series: Focusing on Sustainability Using PACE

CDFA-Bricker PACE Webinar Series: Introduction for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

CDFA-Bricker Webinar Series: C-PACE for New Construction & Repositioning in Philadelphia and PA

CDFA-Bricker PACE Webinar series: C-PACE for Retrofits – Maximizing Value of Existing Buildings in Philadelphia and PA

CDFA-Bricker Webinar Series: C-PACE for Green Roofs & Renewables in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

Other Resources

2023 C-PACE Year in Review

Drexel-PEA C-PACE Conference Materials October 2023

2022 C-PACE Year in Review

2021 C-PACE Year in Review

2020 C-PACE Year in Review