Philadelphia C-PACE financing is currently available to commercial and industrial properties located in Philadelphia, including offices, retail stores, nursing homes, hospitality, agricultural sites, warehouses, vacant land, community centers, hospitals, theaters, private schools, and religious facilities, among others.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Any commercial property located in Philadelphia
  • Tax-exempt organizations (non-profits, churches, etc.)
  • Commercial portions of mixed-use buildings
  • New construction projects

Who’s Not Eligible?

  • Multi-family housing
  • Residential housing
  • Government-owned buildings

Eligible Measures

  • Energy Efficiency including HVAC upgrades, building controls, LED lighting, green roofs, and more
  • Water Conservation including high-efficiency equipment, condensate water reuse, low-flow fixtures, and more
  • Renewable Energy including solar, fuel cells, storage and other renewable generation facilities

See the Program Guidelines for a full list of eligible projects


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Key Requirements

  • Project is approved by the Philadelphia Energy Authority
  • $100,000 minimum financing amount
  • 95% lien-to-value limit
  • Financing term cannot exceed the weighted average expected useful life of the installed measures (max. 30 years)

C-PACE Project Development Process

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