Philadelphia C-PACE financing is currently available to commercial and industrial properties located in Philadelphia, including offices, multifamily (5+ units), retail stores, nursing homes, hospitality, agricultural sites, warehouses, vacant land, community centers, hospitals, theaters, private schools, and religious facilities, among others.

Who’s Eligible?

  • Any commercial property located in Philadelphia
  • Multifamily rental housing (5+ units)
  • Tax-exempt organizations (non-profits, churches, etc.)
  • New construction projects

Who’s Not Eligible?

  • Residential housing (<5 units)
  • Government-owned buildings

Eligible Measures

  • Energy Efficiency including HVAC upgrades, building controls, building envelope, LED lighting, green roofs, and more
  • Water Conservation including high-efficiency equipment, condensate water reuse, low-flow fixtures, and more
  • Renewable Energy including solar, fuel cells, storage and other renewable generation facilities
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) including measures to mitigate against COVID-19, electrification measures, whole-building performance measures to improve indoor air quality and more
  • Resiliency including stormwater control measures, energy reliability improvements and more

See the Program Guidelines for a full list of eligible projects


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Key Requirements

  • Project is approved by the Philadelphia Energy Authority
  • $100,000 minimum financing amount
  • 95% lien-to-value limit
  • Financing term cannot exceed the weighted average expected useful life of the installed measures (max. 30 years)

C-PACE Project Development Process

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