Ready to get started on a C-PACE project in Philadelphia?


  1. Determine Eligibility

    The first step to participate in the Philadelphia C-PACE program is determining eligibility for C-PACE financing. Learn more on the Eligibility page or contact PEA for more information.

  2. Submit Pre-Application

    The Pre-Application Form must be prepared by a Property Owner or its designated representative and submitted to Once a Pre-Application is submitted, the Program Administrator will determine if the Property is eligible for the C-PACE Program and if the project falls within the parameters of the Program Guidelines. This review will typically be completed within five (5) business days of receipt of a completed Pre-Application. Pre-Application Form is available on the Program Resources page.

Final Application

  1. Review Final Application Requirements

    The Final Application package includes the following supporting documents:

    • Final Application Form
    • Project Survey
    • Signed Mortgage/Lienholder Consent Form
    • Title Report
    • Capital Provider Statement regarding Qualified Contractor
    • Qualified Contractor Certification to Capital Provider, if applicable
    • Execution-Ready Statement of Levy and Lien (with complete set of exhibits and attachments)
    • Plan for Payment of Program Expenses
    • Diversity and Inclusion Plan
    • Signed Program Administrator Disclosure and Release Form
    • Qualified Contractor Terms and Conditions Self-Certification
    • Signed Disclosures and Recommendations Form
    • Other documents:
      • Property Description
      • Detailed Project Budget
      • Tax Clearance Certificate
      • Verification of Property Enrollment in EPA Portfolio Manager (for clean energy projects)
      • Philadelphia Department of Licenses & Inspections Records (if applicable)
      • Zoning/Planning Approvals (if applicable)

    Please see Section 8 of the Program Guidelines (available on the Program Resources page) for detailed information. Feel free to contact PEA with any questions.

  2. Submit Final Application Package to PEA

    The Final Application for a C-PACE Project should be prepared and submitted by a Property Owner or its designated representative after receiving Pre-Application approval. Once a Final Application is received, PEA will review it for completeness and accuracy to ensure the project complies with the Program Guidelines. PEA will typically provide the Property Owner with written Notice of Philadelphia C-PACE Approval or request for more information within fifteen (15) business days of a submission of a completed Final Application.

PEA encourages interested parties to contact us before completing an application.
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