Philadelphia C-PACE Program Guidelines Updates

Philadelphia C-PACE Program Guidelines have been revised effective August 15, 2023. The Program Guidelines and all program resources can be found on the Program Resources page of our website.

Key changes to the Guidelines are outlined in the Comparison of Program Guidelines  document and listed below:

  1. September 2022 Addendum integrated into main body of Program Guidelines which contained guidance on implementation of Multifamily properties (5+ units) and IAQ and Resiliency Measures
  1. Retroactive Guidelines for Multifamily, IAQ and Resiliency Measures updated to allow up to two-year retroactive period
    1. Complete Final Application must be submitted within 730 days after the completion of the installation/construction as proven by the date on the Certificate of Occupancy or other acceptable construction completion documentation
  2. Clarification on when C-PACE financing term must begin
    1. The first year of the maximum allowed term (as defined by weighted average useful life (WAUL)) must begin in the first eligible billing year and cannot exceed the lesser of (i) the WAUL or (ii) 30 years
  1. Closing related fees updated
    1. Department of Records and Department of Judicial Records fees updated to reflect City fee increases 
    2. Added Program Administrator notary fee of $30
  1. Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional (CIAQP) added as IAQ qualified professional credential

This update is for the Philadelphia program only.  If you have a project in another PA county, please contact the SEF team at regarding that county’s program guidelines. 
Questions for the Philadelphia C-PACE team can be sent to